70% Organic Vegan cacao sweetened with Coconut Sugar

Chocolate Bars

Coco Blossom sweetened Organic Chocolate Chips, with no added soy, are considered a more clean type of chocolate because they are organic and sweetened with raw coconut sugar. Certified organic and made with raw chocolate ingredients makes these chocolate a gem and a great option to avoid sugar alcohols and other artificial ingredients

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We strive to offer world class edibles that are healthier and DELISH! All hand made in small batches. All made with ORGANIC FAIR TRADE CHOCOLATE & Clean ingredients. Made with intention and dedication to ensure you consume a product packed with love, integrity and high vibes only!

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Looking for a chocolate alternative made with a natural sweetener instead of sugar or sugar alcohols?

We are proud to present to you our Vegan, Organic, GF, Keto-friendly Chocolate made with Coconut sugar!

What makes our vegan line of chocolates special?

We source our chocolate from Ethical trade, Organic cacao, from companies that take pride in crafting their chocolate with clean ingredients and giving back to the communities behind it. When you buy Ethical Trade cacao, you help support everyone involved in the process of getting this amazing product to you!

Keto and Paleo-friendly

Premium grade, Ethical Trade cacao is slow roasted and conched to a smooth texture resulting in amazing flavor, superior quality, and experience. With no added sugar, no soy lecithin, and no vanillin. Clean ingredient label.

****Chocolate made with vegan ingredients – vegan certified chocolate. Made in a facility that handles dairy.

How is coconut sugar made?

Coconut sugar, which is also known as coconut palm sugar, is made from the sap of coconut palm. The coconut palm sap is the sweet circulating fluid of the coconut tree. A cut is made in the flower of the coconut palm and the liquid sap is extracted. The sap is then dehydrated and spun to make crystals.

Coconut sugar provides the same number of calories and carbohydrates as regular cane sugar.

Coconut sugar has a caramel color with a taste that is similar to that of brown sugar.

Coconut sugar can be swapped in sweet delicacies and regular baking recipes in place of white sugar to make new exciting versions.