Premium Quality Flowers

The result of our never-ending research for the next gems!

Enjoy flowers grown and made by high vibe creators and passionate masters of their craft!

Elite Genetics & Strains

Happy Friday is committed to producing only the finest cannabis for your enjoyment

Grown to full term

We believe in providing the most conscientious and personalized care for our plants and so we grow our plants to full term.

Hand Trim Flower

There is no clumsy machine or unnecessary bits of leaves that get left on, just nice, neat buds with a healthy dose of THC!

harvest & Dry

This means that they are ready for harvest when they are at their peak – providing you with a whole plant harvest and dry.


Happy Stick

Enjoy a special occasion in company of our awesome THC Distillate infused, CBD Kief dusted Happy Sticks! These joints offer a wider variety of cannabinoids providing a full entourage effect type of smoke!


Baby Blunts

Get into some awesome island vibes with our Premium Flower hand wrapped in 100% real Banana Leaf imported from the caribbean!

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