There are a few essentials that most people need to survive, like food, clothing, and shelter.

But, separate from Downtown’s vast dining and entertainment options, there are more ways to keep the body and soul in equilibrium.

These amenities are not entirely essential services, such as primary health care, but services and tools that relieve nagging day-to-day problems.

As students move into their dorms at Gordon Commons on the ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus, they’ll find a welcoming but unfamiliar environment, especially if they’re from out of state. Below is a curated list of Phoenix Community Alliance Members and other providers that check boxes of convenience and ease someone into the interconnected culture of small businesses Downtown.

Whether you’re long overdue for an eye exam or a rumination of the soul, PCA has a collection of Members to provide solutions to these needs.

*   –  Indicates PCA membership

Christ’s Church of the Valley (101 E Buchanan St)*

Christ Church of the Valley’s (CCV) Downtown Campus first opened its doors at the start of April. NW Coffee, which first started in Peoria, operates from the same building. (Courtesy of Christ Church of the Valley)

What’s the good word? At the start of the New Year, Christ’s Church of the Valley set up shop in the Warehouse District to offer one more amenity for Downtown residents.

The non-denominational church, which has 15 other locations, including Peoria, Laveen, and Scottsdale, provides a place for connection and belonging for people not wanting to travel to congregate.

The new location also fulfills another desire in addition to CCV’s weekly rejuvenation of the soul. Within their facility, NW Coffee, one of several eateries by Westside Concepts*, operates within the 1912 building to caffeinate parishioners and customers.

Downtown Physical Therapy (27 W Madison St)

In July 2019, Downtown Physical Therapy relocated behind the Sing High Building, a former restaurant offering 4,000 square-foot space.

From essential recovery services in their name and beyond, their physical therapist staff alleviates the regular wear and tear the body experiences in a lifetime.

Hydrate Arizona (825 N 7th St, Ste #3)*

Hydrate Arizona’s intravenous bags on display with their cocktail-inspired names, such as Pink Drink and Hair of the Bear. (Courtesy of Hydrate Arizona)

At Hydrate Arizona, they provide cocktails of a different kind! The intravenous bags they administer to customers offer an IV solution to many ailments, from simple dehydration, recovery from a strenuous workout, migraines, immune support, and hangovers.

Their mix of intravenous fluids has cocktail-inspired names, such as the Hydroblast, Pink Drink, Hair of the Bear, and The Slop’er, to add to the experience. They recently debuted a Red Light Therapy room, which improves circulation and skin health, amongst other benefits.

Walk-ins are welcome, but the staff encourages scheduling appointments ahead of time.

Studio B Smiles (230 S 3rd St, Suite B1)

When something is off in your mouth, whether it’s a toothache or something that shouldn’t move, it throws the body out of whack, taking away the basic enjoyment of activities in the moment.

Located in the Legends Entertainment District*, between Chase Field and Footprint Center, Studio B Smiles offers cleanings and a painless return to the regularly scheduled fun Downtown.

Six Points Hardware (10009 N 19th Ave)*

The Six Points Hardware on Grand Avenue is a fourth-generation business that has operated in the original building since 1946. (Courtesy of Six Points Hardware)

Downtown doesn’t have a dedicated hardware store yet, but a day trip to Grand Avenue, an adjacent arts-driven community, should be a priority for any newly arrived undergraduate or resident!

Since 1946, the fourth-generation family business has been located in the same facility. Their walls inspire extracurricular activities, from hanging a vintage art print on the wall to mending a leaky pipe.

For anyone who needs to satisfy a nagging itch for a problem in their abode, Six Points Hardware has them covered.

Urban Eyecare (1 N Central Ave, #115)*

Located a few blocks to the south of ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus (and in the heart of #DTPHX), Urban Eyecare is the go-to spot for many staples of essential care, led by optometrist Dr. Jason Klepfisz, affectionately known as “Dr. K” by his patients.

The convenience for its countless patrons is surpassed by personalized care by a friendly staff, bespoke, modern glasses, and staple services.

Their Instagram is adorned with the smiling faces of a satisfied clientele. Maybe you’ll find a friend you know or a frame you like! You may even get inspired to bring your dog for your next visit so you, too, can snap a pic for their Polaroid pet wall.

To the undergraduates who’ve moved into Gordon Commons, this is not even a sample of the 1.7 million sq ft of retail Downtown has to offer!

To see which ones are PCA Members, scroll through the full list.

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