Crunchy Raspberry

There is something about berries and dark chocolate that just works, maybe it is the subtle hints of tartness and tiny sour flavors combined with the bitter-sweet notes of the dark chocolate? Maybe it is that and much more, it is just a great combo! So, we took a 66% Organic Dark chocolate properly infused with high-quality cannabis distillate and then sprinkled our carefully crafted Crunchy Raspberry crumbs and freeze-dried berries on top and just like that another winner of a cannabis infused chocolate bar was born!

Keto and Paleo-friendly

Premium grade, Ethical Trade cacao is slow roasted and conched to a smooth texture resulting in amazing flavor, superior quality, and experience. With no added sugar, no soy lecithin, and no vanillin. Clean ingredient label.

What makes our vegan line of chocolates special?

We source our chocolate from Ethical trade, Organic cacao, from companies that take pride in crafting their chocolate with clean ingredients and giving back to the communities behind it. When you buy Ethical Trade cacao, you help support everyone involved in the process of getting this amazing product to you!