One of Downtown Phoenix’s staple sushi spots has a fresh, contemporary look.

Harumi has re-opened its doors, exuding style and sophistication, but this time in the U.S. Bank Center on Central Ave. and Monroe St.

Known as the place that “always has people waiting,” we’ve come to find over the years it’s for a valid reason.

Because it’s good, like really good.

Harumi in Downtown Phoenix. (Photo: Skyler Scott)

Since 2013, Harumi has been serving sashimi, nigiri, izakaya-style fare, and sushi rolls, with an emphasis on fresh fish and their signature purple rice. In addition to a robust food menu, they also serve Japanese beer and sake to properly cleanse the palate.

From day one, they started in one modestly sized suite in the Orpheum Lofts, eventually outgrowing the space and expanding to two suites. Less than a few years later, they transitioned to the U.S. Bank Center, which offers an expansive 6,500 square feet.

With the additional square footage, they added a full bar, lounge seating, dining room, sushi bar seating, private dining area, and wrap-around patio.

Harumi in Downtown Phoenix. (Photo: Skyler Scott)

To create the reimagined version of “Harumi 2.0,” they enlisted the help of House of Form, a local design firm that specializes in all things hospitality. With cream, light brown, and black as the primary colors, the restaurant immediately gives off a sense of elegance, but in an approachable, Downtown Phoenix kind of way.

“We’re keeping it Downtown,” said owner Jessica Kim. “We are Harumi, and we made what we feel is necessary and missing in this environment.”

You can expect to see wicker-style light fixtures, uniquely shaped mirrors, ceramics as art provided by PIP Coffee + Clay, and various textural elements that add dynamism to the space. For the aesthetic of the new restaurant, Kim was inspired by the Japanese Wabi-Sabi mantra, which encourages one to see the beauty in imperfections. You’ll notice subtle nods to the mantra in the décor, like the vases, mirrors, and furniture.

PIP Coffee + Clay ceramics at Harumi in Downtown Phoenix. (Photo: Skyler Scott)

Kim took over the family business from her uncle in 2019 and knew it was time for a fresh new look for the concept. With her culinary background, she oversees the menu development and ensures everything her guests consume is top-notch.

On the new menu, you can expect to find 12 cocktails that incorporate a variety of Japanese spirits with freshly squeezed, expressed, and shaken ingredients, and all of your favorite food items from the original location.

“We put a lot of thought and soul into it,” Kim said. “We really pride ourselves on being very affordable but also the best quality.”

In addition to all the classics, Harumi has thrown in a few new tasty items like the Japanese Caesar Salad, the vegan Garden Roll, and the Wagyu Beef Carpaccio. To quench your thirst, sip on the Harumi Spritz with Haku Japanese Vodka and yuzu, or treat yourself to something a little sweeter with the Matcha Martini made with Pistachio Butter-Washed Rhum Barbancort and coconut cream.

Stories like these make us proud to call Downtown Phoenix home. To witness locally-owned businesses evolve and experience success is an ultimate win in our book, and we’re thrilled to continue to be part of their story.

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