Who we are

A Proud Arizona Native, founded on trust & friendship!

Happy Friday family strives to build and support community awareness. We grow exceptional cannabis & craft organic artisan edibles made by our incredible team.

We are a group of friends that have come together to do what we are really passionate about, all things CANNABIS! Come join us and explore the infinite possibilities in which this powerful plant can provide people wellness & peace of mind.


Happy Friday takes great pride in taking a more organic & holistic approach to the development of our edible products.

We cultivate in a clean manner that ensures our crops are FREE of any pesticide or other contaminants. We conduct multi-step third-party lab testing consistently for each product.
Our main goal is to produce a premium product that is affordable to all consumers and to reinvest back into community projects that benefit our customers, employees, and local neighborhoods.
We passionately believe the love & attention dedicated to our products, combined with a company culture that promotes DAILY Happy Friday VIBES for the PEOPLE behind the scenes, is what ensures the quality that sets us apart.